empowering young women

With cancer to get lit!

By providing a variety of free services that positively impact mind, body and soul, CWF encourages a strong sense of hope for a future filled with possibility.

Become a Cancer Warrior

Cancer Warrior Foundation

In 2014 our founder, Sara Krish, was in the middle of what would be a dark and lonely three year healing journey post cancer. She was struggling to find her footing, overwhelmed with emotion, and uncertain how to navigate her way through the thick layers of pain. Sara yearned for a community of people who shared the same experience, who knew firsthand the dis-ease of cancer. Not finding enough of what she needed, Sara set out to create her own support system.


Because when i land, when I myself put it all back together, I feel like superwoman.

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Empowering you to get lit!  


Knowing the importance of sharing time and energy with women on a similar path, we gather our Warriors monthly for powerful conversations and space to heal. Our Warrior Workshops are currently held in Los Angeles and San Francisco. 



Thanks to amazing partnerships from The Green Yogi and Headspace, Cancer Warrior members can now access free online yoga and meditation sessions from the comfort of their home or on the road.

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New Cancer Warrior members are paired with one of our beaming mentors who has shared a similar path and committed to compassionately guiding their fellow Cancer Warriors toward a heart on fire!