A Purpose-Filled Obstacle

I was not put on this earth to suffer, to ache, to be challenged, to be knocked down, to endure pain, to fear, or to be made weak. The intention that so strategically guides my journey is much bigger then these trials, these small bumps in the road.


"When you face adversity, rather than seeing the world as being against you, live as if its conspiring to make you better. Each obstacle has a purpose - this one to make you stronger, that one to make you more patient. Thank them for teaching you to be creative and to persist, then keep positive until you can see your way not only through the barriers but to all the possibilities beyond." 


I know with every part of my soul that I was put here to be a learner, a gatherer of insight and information completely trusting that with everything I endure, there will be growth and a light that shines brighter. 


I suffer to find my potential, ache so I can empathize, get challenged to gain self awareness, get knocked down to know my strength, become pained to trust this too shall pass, fear to gain control of my mind, and feel weak so I can build myself back up. 


A cross country move, career change, divorce, cancer, IVF, radical hysterectomy, an appendectomy, a 7 day stay in the hospital, radiation and chemotherapy are the events of my life all put in place to make sure I don't settle into mediocrity or become numb to this one life. These experiences have grown relationships to unbreakable bonds, filled my heart with love, given me the utmost confidence, proven my strength, and allowed me to reach others in incredibly powerful ways. 


I love this life.


I wouldn't change a thing. 

Sara Krish