I share in times of sadness and pain, when fear so badly wants control and the unknown begins to paralyze. I share because I know from challenges past that I must acknowledge. I need to confront. I will deny. I must weep. I may break. I will build. I can rely. 

I can rely on each of you (the most incredibly loving people) to encourage me, push me, carry me, remind me, love me, hold me, believe in me, lift me. 

Yesterday's note prompted the most beautiful string of messages, voicemails, notes, and texts. With every heartfelt "I love you" my soul grows more strength. With every hand held out to comfort, I feel more at ease. With every word of encouragement, confidence builds. With every reminder of who I am, fear subsides. 

I know I'm not entering this phase alone. I feel each of you - your love, the prayers, your bright light, the strong faith, all hope and promise. Thank you for letting me share this next chapter with you. Thank you for being by my side. 

It will be difficult. It will be challenging. It will be painful. It will be a struggle. 


It will make me stronger. It will create unbreakable bonds. It will intensify my love for life. It will encourage the art of living in the moment. It will expand my heart. 

It will become a thing of the past that once existed sometime long ago, leaving not a single emotional scar, never dimming my light, never stealing my smile. 

I will win. 


Sara Krish