This Win

2 years ago to the date I was traveling cross country, car packed with my belongings and a heart full of excitement. My dreams were coming true. California living was about to begin. I felt the world at my fingertips. 

In 48 hours I'll be covering the same roads, this time with Dad at my side. This time driving east toward a new journey, one filled with that familiar mixture of uncertainty, excitement, fear, and endless possibilities. 

This journey is about me tackling cancer.  

On Tuesday, October 2nd I will be in the hands of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. They will remove my cervix along with a few lymph nodes and test the surrounding areas before declaring the big defeat. I'm preparing for anything, slowly becoming numb, mentally glossing over. I feel foggy, checked out, unsocial, distracted, and depleted - all things far from my natural shine and high on life. It's quite challenging to be stuck in something that doesn't fit what I know - what others know. 

I try to keep my eye on November, that time after recovery when life as I know it will return with a vengeance. I focus on the gift of family I will get for an entire month, the full heart I will return to CA with, the reignited passion for life and commitment to goal achievement that will drive the way I live my life, the 5 year vision that I will once again be able to see and get inspired by.

I'm ready for this battle. I'm ready for this win. 

Sara Krish