"Everything happens for a reason." 

Once an incredibly confusing statement. A response used to comfort in the presence of an often unwanted event. In these moments the natural reaction is to feel like things are happening to us, against us, and thus out of our control. To live in this space with a mixture of powerlessness and unanswered questions can wreak havoc on the soul. 

What we often forget or maybe haven't quite realized for ourselves is that it is in these fear-filled whirlwinds of life where beautiful learnings exist, when more of the Self gets revealed, and we, over time, become completely unmasked. The true, authentic, confident, powerful, clear, open, raw, present, conscious version of our Self gets to come forth and take part in this world.  

"Everything happens for a reason." 

Years ago, hearing this statement made me cringe. It upset me. It confused me. I couldn't see past the event that occurred that had caused the pain or the pile up of hardship that hit people close to me. I thought the formula for life was simple, "Do good. Get good." My definition of "good" being no rough patches, no diseases, no heartbreak, no financial struggles. Smooth sailing. Easy breezy. 

What I hadn't experienced, yet, was the deeper meaning of "a good life." What I couldn't grasp is that in order to get the sweetness, I had to taste the bitter. I had "good" and "bad" as two separate buckets, trying to fill the one and shield myself from the other. I've learned over time and through all the ups and downs that all good all the time is 1.) completely unrealistic and unavoidable 2.) totally boring 3.) void of enrichment 4.) a slow death. 

Give me the shit. Make my heart break. Force me to make hard decisions. Shove me down a road undesired. Change my life. Make me face my mortality. Because when I land, when I myself pick up the pieces and put it all back together, I feel like Superwoman.

Sara Krish