Beautiful Truths

There are beautiful truths that I see and knowings that I feel. They appeared after the storm as great learnings do. Not expected. Not solicited. It just happened - senses heightened, eyes unveiled, my mind expanded. Profound ideals and concepts I hadn’t considered before came flooding in. Suddenly I was able to untangle thoughts and feelings that stemmed from my self-made Hell and see the real, pure Truth of it all. It was as though the highly practiced fear-based operating system inside my head shut down, allowing me to begin leaning into every situation, every human...with an open heart and a commitment to realness. 

I believe that once I experienced fear in its greatest form, that of death and aloneness, my heart and mind made a pact to grow above the mundane and to omit unnecessary struggle and pain. Because of that, I see life’s true intention and wholeheartedly believe in the goodness of it all. 

Sara Krish