No More Somedays

One week to live. Limited tomorrows. No more someday. 

A collection of hopes and dreams stored away for what you imagined to be a better time race to the forefront of your mind. You are finally awake. A jolting realization that there is no true place called later and anything outside of this moment cannot be guaranteed. 


As the sound of your voice takes over the space inside your head, tugging at your heart and weighing at your soul. The loud internal dialogue begins with raw self-reflection and objective evaluation. Your timeline on review. You the only judge. Your rating, the only one that matters. 

You ask…

Did I give it my all - everything I ever touched? When I close my eyes and drift away will I smile? Will I feel complete? In all my works, with all my people, in everything I’ve done…will I be proud? Was I relentless in my commitments? My word as good as gold? Do those special people around me know the gratitude I hold in my heart? Is there something more I need to share? Did I become a beautiful part of their journey? Will I shine through the souls of others? Will they say it was an honor to share this world with me? 

You answer…

Honestly. The brutal, unfiltered truth. 

YOU see YOU, perhaps for the very first time.  

Do you like what you see?

Sara Krish