What's Possible

I think back on the weeks following my cancer diagnosis when I believed my days of having a biological child were gone - the hours spent mourning the loss and fearing my future, the struggle for acceptance of a new and altered reality creating a dark, heavy cloud, the sadness for a lifetime of dreams that would not come true. I carried all of this, the weight of a ton of bricks on my tender heart. 

And then I was told I didn’t have to give up hope...that there was a beautiful alternative that would still allow me the chance at motherhood. 

Egg Freezing.   

Those two words were magic. The education, inspirational. The possibility, uplifting. Learning that I could save my eggs before I started cancer treatment changed my soul, shifted my perspective, and gave me the motivation to push through. I was driven by my future once again, refocusing on a full life with children, the moment when I’d become a mother, what my children would look like, their names, who they'd grow up to be...

It was everything I needed to fight the battle ahead.

Now 4 years later, cancer free, and 18 frozen eggs awaiting someday, I commit everyday to bringing this same gift to women with gynecological cancer - to tell her what’s possible, to guide her on the journey, and to provide financial relief. My goal is to lessen the barriers and to minimize the hardships so she can focus on the most important piece of her story, that of being a cancer SURVIVOR.

Sara Krish