There Lies Choice

In every situation no matter the intensity, no matter the pain, there lies choice. Will I let the challenging, undesirable circumstance take me down? Will I allow it to deflate me? Make me cower? Or do I use that difficult moment to build upon my foundation, to encourage strength, to take me higher, to burn brighter? 

I remember sitting in Landmark Forum back in 2009 listening to the facilitator speak about the difference between events and the emotional stories we create inside our minds about the event. At that time in my mid twenties I couldn’t seem to untangle the two. I only knew that things happened and they made me feel a certain way. How could I stop myself from feeling wronged when a friend fell through on her commitments? How could my heart not ache for that love unmet? How could loss not take me down a sad and lonely road? 

In 2012 I was given an opportunity to find the answers to my questions, to put what I had heard but not quite owned into play. Cervical cancer became my greatest teacher. During this long, trying journey I learned that hopelessness, anger, and the always nagging “why” held me down in a dimly lit existence. I noticed the way my mind swirled around in negativity ranting because life wasn’t going as planned. My bruised and bummed out ego in the driver’s seat. 

But as I started to take control of my thoughts, shifts occurred. What once was a story about cancer breaking me down, taking away the opportunity to carry my child, stripping me of my innocence, and taking me into a deep, dark hole morphed into a more beautiful story about the gift of life - fully awake, fully feeling, fully grateful, fully alive. 

What I own now is that it’s not the events in our life that make or break us even when things feel undesirable and out of our control. The key is how we react, how we chose to view the situation. That is where the power lies.  

“What if I took all the unexpecteds, all the broken pieces, all the undesired moments and turned them into gifts seeing them as strength, knowledge, and guidance? What if I found peace in place of discomfort? What if I was able to move beyond the hardship and instead of going dark I chose to Get Lit! letting my soul fill up with gratitude, my heart connect to yours, my presence be that of a sunbeam? 

I could light up the universe...if I choose”

Sara Krish