Over the years we’ve witnessed the unique set of challenges women ages 25-45 navigate alongside their cancer diagnosis. Infertility or fertility preservation, hormonal imbalance and mood swings, nurturing romantic relationships, raising small children, managing careers, and financial instability are common stressors for our women. Many of them are forced into a holding pattern or in some cases watch their world completely crumble as they undergo treatment.

It is with our Cancer Warriors’ unique needs in mind that we have chosen the offerings listed below to best serve her as she moves through the darkness of cancer.

Please help us share these powerfully healing experiences with every Cancer Warrior member by making a tax deductible donation. By giving you are saving and changing young women in real and measurable ways. Together we can set her soul on fire!


Founder and Spiritual Trainer, Sara Krish, invites each new member to a Discovery Call upon enrollment giving them sacred time to connect, exchange stories, and share conversation about the possibilities ahead.



For Cancer Warriors yearning for deep, rich healing and personalized guidance while walking on their cancer journey, Sara offers Rise, a 3 month healing journey combining spirit-led counsel, meditation, and energy.


Our Healing Immersions are a deeply transformative weekend held inside Southern California's most breathtaking landscapes designed to aid in the healing of our Cancer Warriors mind, body, and soul.