Our Story

The world needs you. The world needs the most uniquely creative, passionate, joyful, grounded, empathetic, and vibrant you.

Messages like this to “Be You” and “Let Your Light Shine” abound, but we all know how hard it is to live a life of inspiration, passion, and joy 24/7. Life throws challenges at all of us, big ones, small ones, every day of every year. Perhaps some of us are gifted at birth or raised with a mindset of our limitless possibility and belief that we can lift ourselves up no matter what comes hurling at us. For most of us, however, that confidence, joy, determination, and light, only comes out after a struggle or period of darkness, and usually, with someone else guiding the way.

Cancer Warrior Foundation Founder and CEO, Sara Krish, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 30 years old. After a long, dark, harsh year of treatment and recovery, she knew that she had to find a way to light that light inside her and start moving forward again. With the support of a loving family, she began to rebuild, to reconnect, and to reach out to the South Bay community through yoga parties, spin parties, and goal setting workshops that raised awareness and money for young women battling cancer. While healing herself - mind, body, and soul - Sara saw that the whole community needed lifting up, and started working even harder.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Sara’s Cancer Warrior Foundation is ready to explode into an exciting phase of growth. Our inaugural Heart of Gold Gala in February 2018 raised $34,000 to support the Foundation’s free services for young women Cancer Warriors: monthly gatherings, online yoga and meditation subscriptions, weekly mentor calls, and much more. This past August, Sara’s team expanded their Cancer Warrior support magic to the San Francisco Bay area.

With Cancer Warriors and Mentors on the ground throughout California, CWF community events bring out that deep, knowing kind of joy and light that shines brighter from having passed through dark places. While the Foundation focuses on building communities of support for young women at any stage of their cancer journey, it reaches far deeper and broader.

Inspired to share with her community the tools that are healing Warriors within CWF, Sara has recently launched Miracle Lab, a heart-centered paradigm created to guide women toward a deeper, more intimate connection to their purist self and ultimately to cultivate a life that sets their soul on fire. Whether you’ve been touched by cancer or not, the world needs more light - your light - and Sara Krish can help you find it. For information about future Miracle Labs and working with Sara, visit www.sarakrish.com.

If you know a young woman (age 25-45) who has been diagnosed with cancer, encourage her to reach out to CWF. A community of women are ready to catch her, support her, and help her stay Lit through her journey. To support CWF and Get Lit! yourself, join Sara and her team at an upcoming event in LA and the Bay Area. Donations and Foundation support gratefully accepted.

Our Mission

Cancer Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)3 on a mission to empower young women with cancer to live a life that sets their soul on fire! By providing our members with online yoga and meditation subscriptions, peer mentorship and monthly gatherings free of charge, Warriors are encouraged to take action, rise up, heal, and thrive.