Our Story

In 2014 our founder, Sara Krish, was in the middle of what would be a dark and lonely three year healing journey post cancer. She was struggling to find her footing, overwhelmed with emotion, and uncertain how to navigate her way through the thick layers of pain. Sara yearned for a community of people who shared the same experience, who knew firsthand the dis-ease of cancer. Not finding enough of what she needed, Sara set out to create her own support system.

Inspired by a personal need to feel connected, receive support, and rise above the darkness Cancer Warrior Foundation was born. What began as a free monthly yoga party attracting crowds of 50 or more on the Redondo Beach Pier expanded into other life enriching resources such as fertility preservation guidance for young women with cancer, goal setting workshops, and one-on-one coaching. As Sara healed and evolved with the support of her Cancer Warrior community so did the foundation's mission and services.

Now, as Sara celebrates her 5 year cancer free anniversary and is feeling stronger than ever, she's paying it forward by extending the same love and guidance to the members of our foundation as she received by those who so graciously walked her out of the darkness and into the light. Sara and the Cancer Warrior Foundation are on a mission to empower young women to Get Lit! through their cancer journey. 

OUR Mission

Cancer Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)3 on a mission to empower young women with cancer to live a life that sets their soul on fire! By providing our members with online yoga and meditation subscriptions, peer mentorship and Warrior Workshop gatherings free of charge, Warriors are encouraged to take action, rise up, heal, and thrive.