Onda Wellness
Onda Wellness

Onda Wellness was developed with a dedication to offering the best CBD products possible for overall health. All recipes and extraction methods come from a desire to maintain whole plant integrity, to keep out unnecessary additives and offer the greatest potential for well-being. We came together serendipitously to create products that transcend social and cultural boundaries, benefiting everyone from the athlete to the artist, from the war veteran to the active senior. Onda is proud to offer a new alternate in wellness.

Why Onda?

  • A focus on whole plant medicine allows for full spectrum benefits

  • Tested for potency and safety in a certified laboratory.

  • Easily absorbed by the body

  • An array of 7-8 terpenes work to make benefits of CBD more bioavailable

  • Produced with coconut oil, water and pressure, that’s it

  • No harmful chemicals, like lead, pesticides or aflatoxins

  • No solvents

  • Highest available purity

  • Not a single molecule product, instead valuing all compounds including CBG and CBC

Sara Krish