Our Story

Shortly after receiving treatment for cervical cancer in 2012, CWF Founder, Sara Krish, turned to her peers within the cancer community in search of connection and support. At 30 years old she was experiencing an overwhelming loss of identity, feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move forward, and an inability to cultivate light among the darkness. She felt extremely alone in her pain and powerless to cancer.  

After months spent exchanging stories with other Cancer Warriors, Sara recognized that her feelings were common. This acknowledgment of a shared experience helped soothe her sense of aloneness and in time Sara settled in surrendering to the life altering journey that is Cancer. No longer did she feel fearful of isolation, but rather trusting of the process.  

In 2014 Sara hosted her first Get Lit Yoga Party on the Redondo Beach Pier in an effort to bring her community closer together to celebrate life and the beautiful Cancer Warriors she’d connected with over the years. This event had such a positive impact that it found a permanent spot on the calendar and still occurs every 3rd Saturday of the month at Shade Hotel Redondo Beach. 

It was in this powerful community building that Sara got inspired to create a non-profit organization committed to cultivating hope in the lives of young women with cancer. Over the years, she had the opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of young women diagnosed with many different types of cancer, each with a unique story but always a similar set of needs - more positivity, more light, more hope, more focus on the life ahead. 

In 2015 Sara established the Cancer Warrior Foundation and set out on a mission to empower young women through their cancer journey. Today, CWF offers a variety of free services that positively impact mind, body, and soul. Our Cancer Warrior members have access to one-on-one mentoring, goal setting workshops, workouts at partner studios, fertility preservation resources, and a long list of community partners committed to enriching her life and inspiring a strong sense of hope for a future filled with possibility.