Cancer Warrior

Welcome to the Essentials Resource Guide.

Compiled here are recommendations covering a wide range of subjects from patients and survivors just like you. These are the things that have helped them get through. The things they wish they had been told about or had access to. 

As a young adult cancer survivor, some of the most trying parts of my journey have been in not being able to find the answers of what I needed to best help me survive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Particularly in Survivorship, there can be many side effects and issues that arrive after our treatment that need solutions. My medical team had to be so singularly concerned with saving my life and treating within their various specialties, that again and again I felt alone through a problem, struggling to research and find a solution for the many issues that arose. 

How were other women coping with the side effects of early onset menopause? How were other women healing their trauma and PTSD? Scar-tissue? What were the tips and tricks that someone out there had surely learnt through their experience?

As with the overall nature of this disease - the list of issues and questions that arise is broad and varied. It felt like a hopeless uphill slog to constantly try to find the answers on my own, all the while knowing that there are thousands of us out there battling these very same obstacles.

The goal of the Essentials Resource Guide is to share the knowledge we each gather and to make that knowledge easily accessible to the next woman facing this journey. I believe that if we join forces in this way we can significantly aid in the healing of each other. 

This is an ongoing project. If there are any recommendations you would like to submit for the guide, please do so by emailing me at

Feel free to share it far and wide!

Raleigh H.